Foot wears for women

Queens P500.00 each

F-Slippers P150.00 each

Mary The Queen P600.00 at any color

Manang P300.00 at any color

Anter P350.00 at any color

Jera P400.00 available color  white, black, red, purple.

TaƱa P130.00 available at any color.

FS-slipper P200.00 available colors white, black, red, blue, Yellow, orange, and purple.

kriz P500.00

phoebe P450.00 at any color

marty P500.00

marty P500.00

clarice P550.00

bela P100.00 at any color

anelie P600.00

Tanzkie P530.00

BB P450.00

cowee P1000.00 at any color

Tini P1000.00 at any color

tsini P80.00 at any color

Tsini P80.00

Tsini P80.00

cyris P450.00

maggy P700.00

SW P500.00 available color white and black

cobri P600.00
bakal shoes sa roxas city
this is for study purpose only

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